I haven’t stop craving these slip-ons by Celine since last post about them. Now they’re finally mine, the perfect pair of sneakers for winter.



I’m dreaming of a pair of woolen trousers and a white jacket by Zara, because it’s a perfect fit with these white mountain cut wired woven leather sneaker by Filling Pieces. It’s getting colder and colder and I would love to warm my hands in a pair of black gloves by Nike. The beautiful medium classic handbag in burgundy spazzolato calfskin by Celine, is constantly on my mind. The book of the week is “Don’t eat the yellow snow” by Marcus Kraft. The book lists 250 of the best songs for the times when solid advice is needed. the songs represent popular music styles from the last 50 years, from rock to folk and from punk to hip hop.