I have been dreaming of this necklace for a very long time and now it’s finally mine! It’s another beautiful gold necklace with diamond by Trine Tuxen.



These days I’m dreaming of this dreamy creamy Shrimp Mabel coat. It’s freezing cold in Copenhagen at the moment and this coat would keep me happy and warm. I’m still craving wide trousers from Filippa K in all colors. My new shoe craving is the classic Adidas Super Stars in white, a perfect fit with wide trousers. I love the cylinder rings with diamonds by Trine Tuxen and the beautiful two-lined gold ring by Repossi. The must read book of the week is “I just arrived in Paris” by Juergen Teller, which has really inspired me.



These days I’m dreaming of a new winter coat, and this strong silhouette coat by Filippa K it’s a very good contender, especially in this light grey. I’m also dreaming about wide trousers by Filippa K in all colors. I’m in love with these Adidas PW Stan Smith SLD in black, perfect for the winter. A Chanel bag is always a good match and I’m hooked on this beige and tortoise coloring. The must read magazine of the week is BON, inspiring styling for your fall/winter look.